Thank you for visiting the official website of GRABBY STRONG Brands. We are the exclusive manufacturer of The GRABBY®, and GRABBY STRONGTM products.

     The GRABBY® is an ergonomically designed super-handle used in dozens of applications across a variety of industries.  It weighs only one ounce and is virtually indestructible.  Although the device can easily handle loads up to 100 pounds, many consumers are satisfied just using it to carry their groceries each week.

     The handle has two opposing flexible hooks designed to quickly attach and release objects like plastic bags, ropes, chains, wires, and almost anything else that might normally cause pain to the hands and fingers.  The smooth tapered surfaces surrounding the hooks allow any attached material to slide and adjust resulting in a noticeable weight balancing effect. 

     The proven reliability and universal properties of The GRABBY® have led our company to develop an entire line of GRABBY STRONGTM products that actually use the handle as part of their functionality. Our most popular products, The HAULERTM, and The SLIDERTM are currently offered for sale on this website via Amazon.

     The HAULERTM is a heavy duty tote system designed to carry a wide variety of awkward items like firewood, pet food, carpet, produce, groceries, large stones, etc.

     The SLIDERTM is a mobile exercise system designed to increase flexibility and strength in tendons, ligaments, and connecting muscles.  It's very lightweight but remarkably effective at providing immediate results.  Athletes from almost every sport can benefit greatly from The SLIDERTM,

Carries Over 100 Pounds  

"World's Most Useful Handle"

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