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Two examples of these companion products are featured on this site.  The SLIDERTM and The HAULERTM.  One of them is an exercise innovation, while the other is a complete tote system for carrying all sorts of things.  These are two completely unrelated products except for the fact that they each rely heavily on The GRABBY® .  Click on logos to see their previews.

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"Be Good To Your Hands!"

Over the past two decades, the proven strength and reliability ofThe GRABBY® has inspired the development of a number of complimentary GRABBY STRONGTM products.   Each one is designed to work in conjunction with The GRABBY® and to take advantage of the handle's unique properties and durability.

The GRABBY®  is an ergonomically designed, multi-purpose, featherweight, "Super Handle".  It only weighs an ounce, but can easily withstand loads of 250 pounds, and more.  GRABBYs are just $5 each, and they come with a lifetime guarantee.  So grab a few while you are here, and be good to your hands.

An Extension to the Human Hand - When The GRABBY® is gripped firmly, two opposing flexible hooks are ready to work in place of your own fingers.  They are freakishly strong, and are ready to hold and control a variety of attached items like rope, chain, wire, plastic bags, etc.  The strength test video above should prove that The GRABBY® will not let go as long as you can keep your grip.