The GRABBY - An extension to the human hand.

The GRABBY is an ergonomic invention designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.  When the featherweight handle is held firmly, the horn-shaped hooks on either side will extend out of your palm.  It feels like having two freakishly strong fingers attached to your fist and ready for work. And by work we mean carrying loads up to 100 lbs. and more without complaining, or even flinching.  And your own fingers will not be complaining, or flinching either.  They also won't be stinging, burning, cramping, stretching, bruising, cracking, tearing, bleeding, stiffening, throbbing, or aching.  

Be Good to Your Hands!


Many Uses - Perfect for carrying groceries & such

It's easy to imagine the convenience of attaching multiple grocery bags to The GRABBY and loading them all into your vehicle at once. Then, when you get to your destination, you will experience that "gee whiz" moment as you open your door and whisk everything out in one sweet motion. Then head for your kitchen, houseboat, mountain cabin, or beachfront hotel. Your fingers will thank you every time you use The GRABBY.

Keeping it all together for the ride home

The flexible "magic hooks" allow for easy attachment of flimsy bag handles, but they are smart enough to prevent them from becoming unattached during travel.

A convenient solution for every Mom

The photo pretty much says it all.

100% Recyclable 

Weighing in at only one ounce, The GRABBY might be mistaken for just another nifty plastic contraption.  Further investigation would reveal that it's made of a durable micro-polymer using the patented strengthening process called high pressure gas infusion. This process ensures that every GRABBY will be virtually indestructible, and that allows us to confidently provide a lifetime guarantee.

Two Gallons of Paint - Not a problem

The GRABBY is designed to carry and balance two cans of paint side by side.  A gallon of paint is a heavy product, and the standard wire handle can really dig into your hands.  It's not uncommon to purchase two gallons of paint at the hardware store, so you might as well pick up a GRABBY while you're at it.   You'll be glad you did.


Be Good to Your Hands!

Universal Handle   

Concierge Station Display - High Rise Lobby Desk

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