Ergonomic Design

Lifetime Guarantee

Universal Handle

Used in over 100  Inventions

100% Recyclable

The Grabby® works great on its own, but the simple design and reliable features are used in many products.

Two Grabby Handles


Two Self Adhesive Hanging Hooks

Only $9.99

If The Grabby® ever fails for any reason whatsoever, GRABBY STRONG Brands will replace it for free.

The Grabby® fits easily in the pocket, or purse.

Even with the heaviest load, The Grabby® can be held firmly without causing any pain or discomfort.

Weighs only 1 ounce

The Grabby® is made of 100% polypropylene which can be recycled over and over again.

The GRABBY® is an ergonomically designed "Super Handle" used in dozens of applications across a variety of industries.  It weighs only one ounce and is virtually indestructible.  Although the device can easily handle loads up to 100 pounds, many consumers are satisfied just using it to carry their groceries each week.

     The handle has two opposing flexible hooks designed to quickly attach and release objects like plastic bags, ropes, chains, wires, and almost anything else that might normally cause pain to the hands and fingers.  The smooth tapered surfaces surrounding the hooks allow any attached material to slide and adjust resulting in a noticeable weight balancing effect.